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Using Virtual DSM Manager with one LAN port


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Hi !


I'm currently trying to use Virtual DSM Manager.


The cluster creation went fine but, as I have only one network port on my motherboard, Virtual DSM alerted me that I might be unable to connect to virtual servers ("because only network interface is connected to the Synology NAS" approximated translation).


Actually, when creating the virtual server itself, Virtual DSM ask me to create a virtual network adapter, but no interface shows.


I'm not familiar with server virtualisation, but isn't there a way to virtualize network interfaces too ?

How can I do ?

Buy a 1 port network card and connect it to my local network ?


Thank you

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I'm going to watch this thread because I'm interested also. I've tried wireless USB adapters but they don't count for some reason :sad: Not sure why because they're fully functional connections.


EDIT: anybody knows a way to leave NAS management to the wireless adapter and use the LAN connection for for the 'virtual' needs?

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I just bought an additional PCI-E network card with two ports.

Model LogiLink PC0075 for 40€ approx.

Works like a charm.

Maybe it works either with a one port network card for less money as the motherboard port is not disabled with the addition of another network card.


From that point, I'm now able to create some DSM Virtual Servers.

Now I need to update my DSM to be able to create some non-DSM machines.

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