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[SOLVED] Can only see, use or configure DSM in INSTALL mode

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I'm NEW to xpenology and DSMs, only just learned about it.. The files were given to me by a friend so maybe that's the problem, maybe there is something specific to his system or something. I apologize if this has been addressed already, I did search but didn't find any similar posts..


When I boot my DSM computer from my thumb drive, imaged with "DSM_DS3615xs_7393.iso" and choose INSTALL the Kernel loads fine, blinking cursor at bottom, I'm able to detect it from another PC, and begin the install, the System shows up in my router's IP list and is pingable, but once the system reboots in RUN (by default after a couple seconds) it Doesn't seem to Load.. It lists everything down to "Booting the kernel" but I never see a blinking cursor at the bottom and the IP that was assigned by my router is no longer in use and isn't PINGing.. The Diskstation is never found and times out. Seems like RUN mode isn't loading the NIC or getting an IP from my DHCP scope, or maybe its not working at all and hung? If I reboot it and put it BACK into INSTALL mode, everything shows up, I'm able to connect again, setup the DSM "DSM_DS3615xs_7393.pat" configure everything, setup drives and volumes etc... SO basically I have a working DSM if it's running in INSTALL mode.


If there is no fix, is it OK to keep it in INSTALL mode? Guessing I could change the CFG file to launch INSTALL rather than RUN if needed.


Any help much appreciated


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Not sure of all the steps you have done outside of what you listed. And what version of the Boot loader you on ..doing a search in the forum suggest its some variant of 6.XX.

Also have you done the Serial number change and its MAC address.


But if you have the blinking cursor on the screen you should do some tests to see if the box is live.

Hitting the return key on the keyboard and attempting to login to see if the kernel is alive is a good test too.

Do a PING test to the computer and look at Your routers ADMIN screens for connected devices to see if your computer has an IP address (check by your real MAC address on motherboard or NIC.


You will need to install Synology Assistant on a computer to load the DSM to the XPEnology box.

Launch this program and see if your XPEnology box is detected.


Another tool I like to use is ...Advanced IP Scanner which will scan your subnet and list your IP Mac and Host information.



I found some links you should look at for some help.




which has 2 sub links to review.

Getting this running is not for the faint of heart and is not like installing Windows ...

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Thanks guys.. I had the WRONG version files for a Bare Metal install... Was trying to use VM file.. Followed the Doc and downloaded the correct files as listed in the install DOC and everything worked great.. Thank you everyone for the help...

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