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Restore / Recover LUN from botched update

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I did a couple of silly things ;


While attempting to upgrade DSM I selected the option to start fresh rather than copy over my old configuration .. and I do not have a backup of the old configuration.


The NAS is now up and running, and all my data is present - however I had a iSCSI Lun on the previous configuration which has now gone and I could really do with some data from it!


Logging in via SSH, I can see I have files in a folder called @iSCSI, and inside @iSCSI/Lun I can see a configuration file for the old LUN (and some big files which I hope is the actual content)


My Question is : Can I restore the LUN using these files, or is there anyway I can mount these files on another pc to access the data?


Any help will be much appreciated!




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