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HP P222 raid card can not work in DSM6.02


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Hi, I am running a DSM6.02 loader with my GEN8 microserver. I got 4*HDD running with B120i, and 2*SSD with HP P222 raid card. The 4*HDD was recongnized succeed by loader, but P222 raid card can not. I check the hardware support list, I am not sure about this new loader if can work with P222 card properly.

Could someone can figure me out of this?

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i dont think Pxxx controllers are possible, they usualy do not present disks through there drivers to the os, only configured raid arrays and afaik there is no firmware/driver that can change this

there are Hxxx controllers with lsi controller chips on it that can be equipted with a "it firmware" (it = initiator target) to be used in a way dsm would need it

the only thin that might work is to define a raid0 for each single disk, if a driver for those raid controllers is integrated you will see those as drive but thats no good, you dont get warnings about defective drives, no samrt data, even no serial number (not shure about that), not recommanded to do that (beside you might see bad performance)

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