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How to add my entire hard drive


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Create a new virtual machine using the wizard. You will have to create it with a virtual disk at this point. Save your new VM then go back and edit the virtual machine.

Add a new HDD (choose a sensible type that matches your real disk) and then you will get the option to use a physical disk

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I am lost on how to add an entire new hard drive. You metion to create a new virtual machine??


I try to add a new hard drive then Use a physical disk then select the physicaldirve# click on use entire disk file but when I boot it fails with this error message

Cannot open disk C:\Users\Server\Documents\Virtual Machines\XPEnology\DSM-2.vmdk

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Ok. So what have you been able to do? Before attempting to add a physical disk, you should have imported the virtual machine files from June loader. Did you do that already?


Oh yes and my assumption is that your 3TB disk has come out of a DSM bare metal installation and is not a random disk with data on it.


Ah and then I remembered. Check the VMWare documentation. I recall that Workstation only allows physical disks up to 2TB.

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I am trying to add a 1.5 TB drive. I really just want to try this software out and if it does everything I want I think I am going to build a bare metal one with 500.00 budget.


So at that price I can buy and average synology or build a really good one

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if its just about trying it out, why not format the disk under windows as usual and with vmware just plainly create a virtual drive as file on that new drive letter, if its not about performace or keeping the date it does'nt matter

if you crate thin disks you also might create a number of virtual disks in the vm and try out how to migrate from a basic disk to a raid1 or how to create a raid (1 or 5)

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