Cannot install to internal Emmc (no disk found)

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Hi, i'm trying to install xpenology following jun's loader topic, but i've understood that my windows minipc isn't good because it has not a sata controller.

It's a Beelink Z83 II Minipc (cherrytrail atom x5 8350 2gb ram, 32gb emmc).

I'm able to boot from usb with jun's loader , and i can get diskstation found on my network, but i can't proceed to install .pat file because web interface tells "no disks found".

Is there a workaround i can try? I tought i could try a usb-sata adapter, what do you think about?


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looks like there is not much that can be done, the teardown shows there is no sata port or m2 slot


no good choice for nas

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