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File Station behaving oddly


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I'm having a bit of an issue.


When I log into DSM on my desktop or any other device via the browser (HTTP/HTTPS access) two out of three user created shared folders appear to be constantly busy for no apparent reason (slightly greyed out with big 'Loading' in the middle). I've tried restart, it didn't helped. But by using the DS File app I can work without an issue.


Any ideas how to fix this, please?


EDIT: restarting the NAS didn't help, turning off and on the NAS didn't help, updating the NAS from 6.02-8451 update 9 > update 11 didn't help, starting & cancelling RAID scrub didn't help, switching from HTTP to HTTPS didn't help. Any ideas, please?


EDIT: well, I needed the NAS badly so my only choice was to re-install the DSM. Just a heads up, that's the only action which fixed my problem.

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