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Video conversion for mobile devices Completely failed


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as i'm trying the ovf from



after it's up i installed photo station and

checked Video conversion for mobile devices from indexing service


however.. almost whatever video( video from my camera sony rx100III or any video i download ) i put it in the photo

the system log will show as below

System failed to convert video [/volume1/photo/00000.MTS] to mpeg4.


is this a problem of the ovf or ... it's DSM problem ..?

do you guys encounter the same issue ?



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I suppose it's a DSM 6.x issue. I have the same issue on 6.0, but not on 5.2.

I have changed my serial and mac to match, but I see that messages.log for some reason still complains about it:

2017-04-24T13:13:25+02:00 moto synoflvconv: synoflvconv.cpp:584 Failed to convert video [/volume1/photo/foo/HDV_0005.MP4] to h.264 mp4.
2017-04-24T13:13:25+02:00 moto synocodectool: G1Licence.cpp:79 Licence not Success,error msg "SN format is wrong."
2017-04-24T13:13:25+02:00 moto synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:182 ValidateG1Licence failed
2017-04-24T13:13:27+02:00 moto synocodectool: G1Licence.cpp:79 Licence not Success,error msg "SN format is wrong."
2017-04-24T13:13:27+02:00 moto synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:235 ValidateG1Licence failed


Edit: According to another thread here, the serial generator has been updated to work with the new format. Maybe changing the serial will help. I'm not sure whether a re-install is necessary or not. Will try when I get home. Link: https://xpenology.github.io/serial_gene ... r_new.html

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I would advice against using DSM 6.1 just yet as it has a few critical issues according to other posts here. Even DSM 6.0 isn't as stable as DSM 5.2 in my opinion. I would also not recommend to just use any image/export you find online, but stick to Jun's. :smile:


Regarding the logs:

Make sure SSH is enabled. Use Putty to login as admin and use "sudo su" in order to elevate to root. Now you can write "tail /var/log/messages" in order to see the last messages. You can also read them in VI by using "vi /var/log/messages" and quit by using ":q!".

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