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Can not be identified after a few hours of operation

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Hello everyone !


I just installed XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5967.1 on a PC mounted for the occasion with recovery of the hard disks of my old configs.


It is composed of the following elements:


Gigabyte X150M-PRO ECC motherboard

Intel Core i3-6098P Processor

Memory Kingston ECC 8 Gb

Hard Drive 2x WD Red 2 TB + 2x WD Green 2 TB + 1x WD Blue 2 TB


The installation is therefore well done with opening ports on my modem + redirection from a web address.


My problem is this:


After the NAS boots up, it works perfectly so access without worries remotely or on the same network. But after a few hours of operation, it is impossible for me to identify myself either remotely or locally and with all types of devices.


The login page is displayed, but when you enter your credentials and validate it loads to infinity ... The Synology assistant indicates that the NAS is working normally.


On the other hand, it is enough that I force the restart of the NAS (have the hard disks ...) so that everything works again perfectly for a few hours.


I checked several things to rule out a few possibilities:


- Hard disk standby is turned off

- No IP blocking

- We have a PING

- No specific rule related to the NAS firewall


I hope that I have been quite understandable in my explanations and hope that one of you will be able to help me.


After several searches on the net, I did not find people with the same problem.


Thank you and sorry for the french traduction !

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