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Integrate BTIER and or lessfs? - Basic questions re Synology


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Hey guys,


some basic questions ...

Did i understand it correctly the Synology software (and thus XPE) (on X86) is basically a regular linux distro based on Debian(?) with some stuff added on top?


So is there a mapping to wich (core) functionality is implemented by which linux part?

Eg i assume the Raid functionality is done by md(?) - then how is the synolog hybrid raid done? patched version or separate tool?


How's the rest mapped to linux soft?

regular software with fancy web based gui?


And given thats true - would i be able to use other file systems with synology?

btrfs probably comes to mind first, but lessfs would be an option too?

And could i use btier on top of that? - transparent to the actual web frontend i mean - so i could use the gui and instead of a simple software raid 5/6 i'd have anice btier based storage system?


I assume it would mean a lot of fiddleing but as long as its actually based on a regular distro it should be manageable ( I'm not afraid of compiling a kernel or a couple of packages)




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