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Folder Snapshot Replication

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Hi all,


I have two Xpenology ESXi Virtuals on DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 1 and both using Jun's Loader. One has my main file share etc and the other is used purely for backup.


I have installed Snapshot replication and I'm trying to setup folder replication from the main Xpenology to the other. Every time I go through the setup and enter the details of the backup Xpenology VM it connects fine but on the next page when selecting the destination it only show the name and volume of my main Xpenology and obviously the backup fails because it trying to snapshot to itself.


Everything else is work fine and they both have different MAC addresses, IP's, Hostname, Serial etc.


Anybody seen this before and why after authentication with the backup NAS it shows itself?


Many thanks

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