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How to speed up expand speed


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What can I do to speed up expand speed?


I had 3 X 6TB HDDs + 1 X 128GB SSD all in the same disk group. I added a 4th Seagate Ironwolf 6TB HDD identical to the 3 already in. the rebuild speed is now around 60MBPS. at that speed it will take I remember when I had only 2 HDDs plus the SSD and added a 3rd HDD, the rebuild speed was between 195 and 220MBPS.


I already changed sysctl -w dev.raid.speed_limit_min=200000 and sysctl -w dev.raid.speed_limit_max=500000. My CPU and RAM are only around 4% use... What else can I do to speed this up???


I read somewhere to increase stripe_cache_size, but couldn't find how... Any clue or other suggestions?

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This article is one source. There are a few posts around the web that explain how you can speed it up.


I already did that as explained. But I couldn't find how to modify stripe cache size.


Under "More advanced tweaks":


echo 32768 > /sys/block/md3/md/stripe_cache_size



Thanks for the help, I tried and it didn't do anything unfortunately. Should I put an even higher value? up to how much with the specs I have in my signature?

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