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SHR algorithm for debian


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Yes I know, but I Have 8 disks

2 x 1 TB

4 x 500 GB

1 x 320 GB

1 x 250 GB

I know that mdadm can create a volume restricted at 250 GB (lower disks) with the waste of remaining spaces... :sad:


Teorically, with SHR, final volume could be about 3510 GB :grin:

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SHR-1 is simply a mix of raid 5 partitions and raid 1 partitions depending on how you split the space up. You can manually calculate a hybrid raid, create the partitions and then do lots of md superblocks to create the various raid levels... This is all hard coded in to DSM as far as I can tell and is not a script.


SHR2 is simply except uses Raid 6 and probably dual mirrors at raid 1 level.

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If you make :

1 raid 0 whith 2x500 . Call b

1 raid 0 whith 2x500. Call c

1 raid 5 whith b c And the 2x1tb

You can 3 tb in raid 5 -> shr 1


If Split the 1tb disk in 2 of 500gb

And make a raid0 whith 320&250

You can make 9 disk raid5 4tb. Same shr


All of this os posible whith mdadm but ... You almost Lost the disk protection. Y think not is a most secure raid.



Enviado desde mi Aquaris X5 Plus mediante Tapatalk

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