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Changing Hardware number?


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I currently have Juns loader 1.02a running DSM 6.1 update 2 flawlessly.


However since the bootloader emulates a DS3617xs there is no SHR support as the real DS3617xs isn't supposed to have it.


Is it possible to change that number to another 12 bay unit that does support SHR? and install the appropriate DSM software?


Reason this is such a big thing for me is mismatched disks.


I read in a previous post that editing the synoinfo.cfg file in /etc.defaults/ 'works' but no one can confirm that and I can't get it to save the file anyway, Logged in as the default admin or root, I get 'Permission denied' same with uploading an edited one.



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No, it is not possible to change the hardware "number". The models are tied to specific hardware, and all enterprise-level (so anything above the 4-5 drive SOHO models) dropped SHR support for some time now.


As for the root user, I'd rather use the "sudo su -" command. It will give the same shell as you're in currently, with the same PS1, PATH, et cetera, but as a root user.

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