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Can I using 3TB hard disk on old motherboard?

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Hello, I want to build up XPEnology server with my old Asus P5B-E plus and 3TB hard drive(HGST 3TB Deskstar).


P5B-E plus has Intel P965 and Intel ICH8R, and it using BIOS instead EFI or UEFI.


I heard old motherboard with BIOS cannot accept more then 2.2TB, but linux system can using it vert clearly.


Can I build XPEnology with using that items?


It's really appreciated if you help me.

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Most of the time the problem with hard disk bigger than 2 TB based on booting. But you boot from USB. Sometimes very old MB generate an BIOS error if you connect a drive larger than 2 TB. But this can resolved very often with the latest bios.


Try it with an USB drive if your NAS will see that drive correct. Please give your result back to community....:smile:




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