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3615xs generated serial registration problem


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Hello all,


I have been helping a lot of people setup their Xpenology and also using this tool http://quickconnector.orgfree.com/index.php to generate 3615xs serial number then register it with a synology account.


Recently I found that the serials generated for 3615xs are all unable to register. But if I choose another product e.g. 3612xs, the registration success.


is it the serial number has been exhausted so that all the serials I generated is a duplicate one? or Synology noticed this and simply block all 3615xs registration?


this is a real problem as quick connect has been so useful.



Don't use quickconnect, you're destroying this project by using it!

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For one, as above, stop using QuickConnect.


For two, yes, it is a well-known "issue" that Synology changed to a new serial format ~2 years ago. Not much that you can do about it, except maybe Google a bit, because there's already a generator for the new format.

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