vSphere 6.5 - host management not responding with xpenology

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I've got a vSAN/DRS enabled esxi 6.5 cluster with 3 hosts. Xpenology (5.2) was upgraded to VM version 12 but since moving to 6.5 from 6.0, every now and then I get the host dropping out and vcenter cannot connect to the host. This host is the Xpenology host with PCI passthrough of the HBAs. Ultimately looking through the logs the host is complaining that it doesn't recognise the linux build and crashes the host agent until the host is restarted.


In general, has anyone had any issues with 6.5 and an xpenology 5.2 dsm install using the vm tools?





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esx is and I was running the last version of vmware tools spk that I could find... Is there a newer set of tools?

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