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Strange config DSM 6.0.2 Automatic configuration in 2 NAS??



Hello Folks!


I would like to ask if someone has installed more than 1 Xpenology in the same network with curious results. I try to explain myself...


I succesfully install 1 Xpenology with DSM 6 with Jun's Loader and config for backup from a Windows 2k8 Server, and install several apps like: Storage Reports, Domotz or VPN Server. It still working from about 4 months.


Now I installed one more Xpenology, but when load the DSM .pat file and reboot for first time (after initial setup using Synology Assitant), it got all the parameters of the first Xpenology installed, ALL CONFIG DATA like:


- name of NAS

- Config of LDAP (all Active Directory settings form fill)

- APPs installed (obviously with no volumes created yet, didn't work)

- Notifications configuration (email account, advanced config, etc)

- More settings were filled automatically


I supposed that all of this is because I use the same password for admin account, but this behaviour is normal between Synology NAS (or Xpenology). ¿?


Thanks for your attention and time.

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Thx for your responses, Both NAS has different MAC, is the first thing I check when see that behaviour. In fact both has dinamic IP and have different and no conflict in DHCP server.

Well perhaps was some user mistake, but don't remember to config anything of that before installing the second Xpenology.


Thanks for your time.

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Are you sure about the MAC address?


Are you using June's bootloader 1.01 and did not edit grub.cfg on any of both systems?

Then you have the problem I had months ago myself: the bootloader spoofs a hardcoded MAC address.


You can have exactly one installation of June's bootloader in the same network segment. I you want to install more than one, you need to edit grub.cfg and either change the spoofed MAC adress or even better, comment out the setting so the real physical mac address is used.

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