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SPIO or SMART and drive sequence





I'm building a small mITX NAS and will have 2 ICYDock 5-bay units in it. I'll be using onboard SATA and a HBA (M1015 or equivalent) in IT mode. Install will be bare metal.


How will drive failure be recognised? DO I require SPIO cables from the HBA and motherboard to the HDD bays or is that only useful for notifying me which drive is damaged by causing the LED to flash?


I'm trying to work out the best way for DSM to determine drive health, volume status etc, and the best way for me to know which drive I need to pull.


I understand the order that the LSI HBA determines on spin up of the drive will not be the same as what DSM promotes.... so would I simply change the SATA connector sequence and drives to put them in sequential order in the Hot swap bays?

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Sinology suport external bays with SAS (fxc17) And infiniband. I think spio is supoted only by the boards.

If the ici is 1 SATA or 1 USB the syno see a volume or a disk only.

If is take more ports. For make a raid you ned Mark is ports as internals ports

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