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memo - raid recovery method

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Hi All


I thought I would share a raid recovery method that worked for me recently, following a power cut/bad ups shutdown.


My bare metal 5.2 system (6 hdd shr) booted with loads of file crosslink errors and would not complete boot/get web access.


Rather than trying the ubuntu mount recovery I did the following.


Disconnect all SHR/RAID drives

Connect a 'new' drive to SATA channel 1 - boot up and install XPE/DSM

Setup server with a unique name eg 'recovery' plus an admin user to match the one on the original setup.

Install DSM patches to the same version that was running on the original setup

DO NOT create a volume

Shutdown and reconnect other HDDs to channels 2-n

Boot up and ensure that the XPE boot screen does not show any file system errors and on completion of boot is the 'recovery' server name

Login and you you should get a crashed volume warning with system partition failures and run file system check

Go through the volume repair process and then run the file system check.

After recovery, shutdown, disconnect the channel 1 drive, reconnect SHR drives correctly and all should be well.

You might need to reinstall packages, recreate backups and other minor changes, but the data should be intact.

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