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Best Hypervisor for DSM?

Fizz Khalifa




I'm planning on moving to a hypervisor installation with DSM and some other OS'es. Which hypervisor works best with DSM?


I thought I'd use Proxmox because it's free and has a web interface, but if ESXi is performing better I'd rather use that.

I would just want to know if anyone has experience with that topic and could give me some recommendations :smile:


Thanks for your answers,


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I used Proxmox in the past (really loved it) but then switched to Virtual-manager/libvirt in an Ubuntu installation. Both use KVM in the end.


They performed well and were easy to setup and manage. But I never used baremetal, so cannot compare.


I used these solutions as at that time there was no webui for ESXi and the management app was only available on Windows, which I don't have.


The other reason is that I prefer to use standard Linux solutions rather than proprietary solutions, even if they are open-source.

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This day and age there is rarely a case where a VM can not be replaced by a light weight container.


Talking about berformance, you should always strive towards run as close to the metal as possible. Hardware virtualization is by design a performance hog.

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