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AMD Loader for DSM 6.1


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Hi Xpenology Team,


thx for this forum. I am looking (searching) for an Bootloader for the HP N54L to install DSM 6.1. If we don't have a bootloader for the AMD CPU, i looking for a working loader with a option to downgrade (Restore) from my unlucky update to DSM 6.1 :shock:


Thx in advanced and best wishes


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Original post by jun


I've uploaded a 6.1 alpha build to mega, for brave guys only :smile:. (Note: AMD needs extra work. Not fully supported)



Thanks, I saw it. But it's more than a month ago. We're on active not dead forum.


I am not sure what you mean by that but those who contribute to create loaders do it on their own spare time and there is no obligation for them to update the loader. They do it whenever they can or want to. As far as I can tell no one is paying them to do what they do. I guess you need to be patient or buy a real Synology box if you are under time constraints.

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