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Qnap Nas Install


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I have had Syno Nas's for decades but a few years back I thought I would try Qnap out and purchased a TS-h973ax. I finally had enough of their OS although their HW is very good, better than Synology on comparable offerings.


To have the best of both worlds I put xpenology on it, would have liked to use Arc loader but the Qnap has no video output so used TCRP as it can be done by putty. I had no end of trouble getting any usb drive to be successfully identified until I decided to remove the Qnap dom from motherboard, then all worked well. I used the DS2422+ as the model due to being AMD processor and sata mapping being automatic based on fitted drives.


I now have a rock solid Syno nas running on latest update for the model installed, good to be back home :)

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Spoke to soon, the last 24 hrs has seen random reboots and a few other wierd issues. When you select shutdown or restart in the nas menu the unit appears to start shutting down but then halts, it ends up in a twilight state where it is still running with all the lights flashing but it cannot be accessed in any way.


To reboot the unit it must be power cycled 2 times before successfully booting all the way thru. The downside of having no way of connecting monitor to check bios or see loading has demonstrated that this model is not fit for production environment.


Looked at building an n100 system up but have ordered a DS1821+ instead as I just need something that works 24/7 once setup.

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