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DSM 6 + ESXi 6.5 + Supermicro X10SL7-F


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I've tried what seems like 100s of iteration, grub.conf edits, and 20 different OVF combinations and have been unable to achieve success. I've read and searched through 100s of pages on the DSM 6 threads and am throwing my hands up in hoping someone will point out the stupid mistake I'm making to get this combination working.


I've been trying to get DSM 6.0 working on my ESXi host with the LSI controller in passthrough as my first test. I can get DSM 6 deployed and I can get it to access VMDK drives on the virtual "LSI Logic Parallel" SCSI adapter, but I can't get it to see the physical drives on the passed through LSI controller. The VM I have created runs stable and works with volumes created from the VMDK files, but I'm wanting to access the physical LSI Logic controller that is passed through.


dmesg - from the running DSM VM shows the following output so it appears to see the adapter correctly:

[ 3.147993] mpt2sas0: LSISAS2308: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x05), BiosVersion(

[ 3.147995] mpt2sas0: Protocol=(Initiator,Target), Capabilities=(TLR,EEDP,Snapshot Buffer,Diag Trace Buffer,Task Set Full,NCQ)

[ 3.148104] mpt2sas0: sending port enable !!

[ 3.152488] mpt2sas0: host_add: handle(0x0001), sas_addr(0x5003048011e86200), phys(8)

[ 3.158518] mpt2sas0: port enable: SUCCESS


I'm just unable to figure out any combination of sataportmap or anything else to get this working right. If anyone has had success with the LSI controllers passed through in ESXi or this system board itself and can drop me some bread crumbs, it'd be greatly appreciated. If any additional information is needed, let me know and I'll dig it up.


I have not tried doing baremetal on the X10SL7-F motherboard yet, but will being trying to do so in the next few days to see if the results are any better, thanks!

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