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Dell R510 - 6.1 Install


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I've been trying for the last couple of days to install XPEnology on my Dell PowerEdge R510, without any success currently.


It boots the USB and gets to the Intro: screen i.e

"Screen will stop updating shortly, please open http:/.... to continue. _"


Tested Juns -

DS3615xs 6.1 v1.02a

DS3615xs 6.1 v1.01

DS3615xs 6.1 v1.00

With the same outcomes...


But the Synology assistant only shows my DS1812+ and not the Dell Server, I've also checked FING and can't see it on my network at all.

The Network chip is a Broadcom BCM5716C0KPBG - Which I can see that the Broadcom 5716, is in the supported hardware list on this Forum.


I'm booting using the Dell UEFI, rather than BIOS, using an LSI SAS HBA, might try with an add-in PCIe network card instead.


Anyone with any ideas would be great.

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