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1) can this really be installed on a PC with the relevant correct drivers and operate as a NAS box.

2) does it always have to boot from USB and how long does this take?

3) does the HP N40L server install work well?

4) are there any videos of this running?


Thanks in advance.

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1) Drivers are included. works or doens't. it'a whole OS. will replace windows entirely

2) it could boot from IDE but not on N40l. maybe a minute to boot. If it is a NAS, that's irrelevant, as it will hardly be shutdown

3)I use the N40l files and work well (add usb mod files for usb2/3 support)

4) No. Look the same as DSM 4.1


Have configured sickbeard to download TV series as they come out using free usenet server, so cna say the box work well

Need to try imaging with

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