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DSM 6.1 and MariaDB


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Hi Guys,

I've successfully upgraded my bare metal Microserver Gen8 with new Jun's Loader 1.02alpha. Upgrade was smooth and pretty straight forward without any issues. I am running on it around one week and I am experiencing no issues at all comparing to 6.02. I didn't tried BTRFS yet...but not this I want do discuss...


I found out an issue with one package...MariaDB...after DSM upgrade, I've upgraded package MariaDB to the most recent version 5.5.53-0073 Upgrade of package went smooth but It cannot start the service. I am not able to start it manually. Just a message Failed to run package service....damn...log is empty in package manager...when I logged into DSM via SSH, /var/log/messages tells me this:


2017-03-08T17:50:16+01:00 js-nas-01 synoddsmd_SYNO.License_1_check_sync[16864]: get_license_json.cpp:23 Failed to get license from database
2017-03-08T17:50:16+01:00 js-nas-01 synoddsmd_SYNO.License_1_check_sync[16864]: get_license_info.cpp:11 Failed to get license from database
2017-03-08T17:50:16+01:00 js-nas-01 synoddsmd_SYNO.License_1_check_sync[16864]: check_sync.cpp:36 Failed to get license info
2017-03-08T17:56:41+01:00 js-nas-01 synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[5502]: resource_api.cpp:163 Acquire syslog-config for MariaDB when 0x0008 (done)
2017-03-08T17:56:41+01:00 js-nas-01 appindex: index_mgr.cpp:170 (5627, 0) Add: /var/packages/MariaDB/target/ui/index.conf [err: No such file or directory]
2017-03-08T17:56:43+01:00 js-nas-01 [252329.928743] init: pkgctl-MariaDB pre-start process (5611) terminated with status 1
2017-03-08T17:56:43+01:00 js-nas-01 synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[5502]: servicecfg_internal_lib.c:187 Failed to start job [pkgctl-MariaDB][0xD900 privilege.cpp:60]
2017-03-08T17:56:44+01:00 js-nas-01 synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[5502]: service_initjob_action.c:27 InitJobStart failed, [0xD900 privilege.cpp:60]
2017-03-08T17:56:44+01:00 js-nas-01 synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[5502]: pkgstartstop.cpp:273 Failed to start pkgctl-MariaDB (err=-1) [0xD900 privilege.cpp:60]
2017-03-08T17:56:44+01:00 js-nas-01 synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[5502]: resource_api.cpp:231 Release syslog-config for MariaDB when 0x0010 (done)


...what a hell is:

1. Failed to get license from database - WTF???

2. /var/packages/MariaDB/target/ui/index.conf [err: No such file or directory] - where this directory is there and exists WTF2 :smile:


Please any advice is appreciated....

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