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upgrading my NAS from DSM 6.1 to DSM 7.2


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Hi everyone I am not a total noob but it was a few years ago when I did my first install. I have searched but cant find a clear answer. As stated, a few years ago I converted a QNAP video station to a xpenology NAS which has 4 x 4Tb NAS HDD's installed. The original (512Mb) usb memory in the QNAP I upgraded to a DS3615xs with DSM 6.1.


Today I did a new install on an asus GA-C1037UN itx board that I am building a NAS for a friend and was impressed with DSM 7.2 and want to install 7.2 into my current NAS. 

As the new system I am building only has 4 HDD the upgrade allowed me to select a DS923+ which only has drives numbered (1 - 4), should I upgrade my current system using an equivalent to the original DS3615xs (12 drive NAS) which numbered the drives as 5 - 8, will it be OK to change the synology model number even though the drive numbers in the QNAP system are different not 1 - 4.


If I upgrade the QNAP to a DS923+ will it still see my original drives (5-8) correctly and simply renumber in the software to 1 - 4 and will the DSM 7.2 upgrade my 4 drives without losing data? I assume the DSM software is smart enough to see that the drives are pre-formatted in synology specs and filled with data from the original QNAP and not over write the drives. 


To do the install it is simply a matter of removing the 512Mb usb module and installing a new usb memory module (2Gb) into the QNAP box with the existing drives still installed. Also will I need to backup the config of the DS3615xs and install into DSM 923+?


Thanks in advance I look forward to answers to this problem. 

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