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Opinion on new system


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I am new on nas and expenology system.

I tested DS3615xs 5.2-5967 release, which I think is the latest 5 release, on a old P4 3ghz northwood system with 1gb ddr2 ram, and a spare very low sata hard drive with "some" bad sector :grin::grin: .....just to see how it works.


Very happy with it, I decided to buy new system, that will be running 24/24.


I have 2 ip camera, and I would like to make continuous 24/24 recording, using surveillance station. The testing system I am using now handle this pretty easily, with ram around 15-20 (doing other tasks, not recording only) and cpu around 10-20%.


I would like to buy a lower power system, and see asrock j3710 priced 94 euro here in Italy, which I think is a good price. I already have a 4gb DDR3L spare sodimm module that I don't use.....so everything appears perfect.


I would buy 2 3tera hard disks and would like to make this configuration: 1 tera from one hard disk dedicated to ip cameras continuous recording, and 1 tera from other hard disk used to store movies from internet, these data don't need to be really safe from hard disk failure. Other 2 tera from both disks should store personal data, and would like to make raid mirror involving 2 tera volumes on both hard disk. In this configuration, If one hard disk fail, I loose movies from internet or cameras recording, but important data should be safe. Ih this way one hard drive in always on, and the other one should be put to hybernate status by DSM....at least it is what I think


What do you think about it?

Any hardware/software advice is really appreciated before I purchase new components........

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