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DSM on debian KVM


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im running DSM on debian KVM.


the only image i got working is DSM_DS3615xs_7393_boot.img from dynax,


is it normal that booting takes about 5 minutes?


i cannot get any other image to run under debian.


is there an image for straight KVM (no vmware, no ESXi, no proxmox).


i tested on windows and vmware - no problem - found a lot of working images.

also boot time is fast.


regards, onur

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I'm running DSM 6.1 on Unraid (KVM) as VM and it's working fine with synoboot.img from "DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha.zip"(http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216). For the loader (synoboot.img) I used "USB" type, for the virtual drive "SATA" and for the network "e1000".

Booting is really fast (~1 minute)


I hope this helps you...


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i dont have a gui on my server, and i dont have unraid.


i tried DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha.zip

tried booting from ide and sata - both not working.

nic is not getting ip adress from DHCP.


how do you configure usb boot - do you have the xml part for me.



regards, onur

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hi, thanks for your help.

but its not working.

last ouptut is: ... parsng ELF and booting the kernel.


i tried UEFI and Bios KVM boot settings.

i activated nested boot param in host (do we need nested?)


maybe im doing something wrong?

im starting with "virsh start synology"

then i connect with VNC - and can see the boot menu.

then i select one of the menu items (tried all of them, i have even made own entries).

then on my DHCP server the nic should be listed(but isnt), or http://find.synology.com should find my DSM.


not working, but the KVM task is eating 100% CPU.

it looks like e1000 driver is not working.

do i have to set to specific MAC in xml?


can somebody explain the boot procedure?

is the DSM nested?


regards, onur

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i have started with your xml.

then i had the problem that debian jessie was only able to do pc-q35-2.1, and that uefi files(OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd) are not present.

i fixed that with backport to stretch and manual download the uefi files from fedora.

after that i can do pc-q35-2.8 and also boot uefi boot like in your xml file.


the boot process is like in your image.


i have tested with stock image (did not change anything).


does anybody know if the image should also work with bios mode kvm?

is this a nested virtualization (virt in virt). maybe i have a problem with that?


my working image (DSM_DS3615xs_7393_boot.img from dynax) is not nested i think.

with that image i can see the whole loading processs like in normal linux.



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Indeed, the image boots with OVMF, but it seems it has issues with Seabios... I deleted my other VM test with Seabios and now I can't replicate it...

I don't think this is a nested virtualization

I booted the image you're referring to and it only works in Seabios mode and you can see the whole process..

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