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New baremetal build failed to create USB


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Hi I have in the weekend built a new NAS from parts bought online.

Motherboard: Biostar A520MH V3.0 (AM4 Socket) Bought from Amazon.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (used from another computer).

Memory HyperX 2 x 8 GB DDR4 @ 3000Mhz (used from another computer).

Hard drives: Toshiba NAS 300 4TB x 3 and one Seagate Baracuda 8TB (Used from HP Microserver gen 8).

M2: Samsung 950 Pro NVME 256 MB (unused in a box).


Planned to replace my HP Microserver Gen 8.


Everything run smoothly until: see attached picture!


When I use the command ./rploader.sh satamap I get an error saying that SATA-ports 3, 4 are bad ports. And then the text that the DSM installation will fail.

I planned to use DS920p-7.2.0-64570 build.


I can't understand why. This is a brand new motherboard bought from Amazon. Is it the brand or Uefi that's causing this error? I have checked the bios version I have the lastest.


If anyone can share some light to fix this I would be very happy :)



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Have you configured the bios to enable hotswap on all ports you are using?

Have you disabled the ports you are not using?

Remove the Samsung SSD and disable the NVME socket. Sometimes the NVME socket will share a lane with a SATA port.

Make sure you have AHCI enabled and try the build again.

If it still fails, try the new web interface or ARPL

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