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[GUIDE] How to install DSM on XenServer 7.6


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Hello everyone,

After experimenting with several XPnology I managed to perform the simple installation

I managed to get it working easily!!
To carry out the process we will need to download the following zip and carry out the process

1. Download XPenology - Citrix 7.6.zip
Site https://www.mediafire.com/file/yy61n0pvobebqlr/XPenology_-_Citrix_7.6.zip
2. Install the XEnOrchestra panel on XenServer from the following
Site https://github.com/ronivay/XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater
3. We will load the virtual machine synoboot.vmdk (Do not start VM)
4. We will enter the XenOrchestra Panel and change the NIC type to Intel e1000 and change the MAC to the internal file
5. Start the virtual machine
6. Use Synology Assistant to search for the new DSM VM
7. After finding the new DSM VM, right click and connect (it would open a browser to the DSM IP) or just use the native Wizard installation
8. In the installation menu, DSM should see a virtual disk connected (usually in that step it appears that there was no disk connected)
9. Follow the wizard to install DSM, and everything should work perfectly.

PD1 - When loading the vmdk we will use 2 cores and 2GB of ram

I hope this helps someone.
Excuse my terrible English


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update info core and ram
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If I have tried later versions but they do not work, generate an error due to the architecture, for them to work it has to be in vmware or proxmox


I did the VMDK with StarWindConverter, I just changed from img to VMDK with the basic configuration, before all this I modified the synoboot img so that it would work, there is a tutorial on how to do this in this same forum, make it pull in Xen? Only this version allowed me.


I add a zip with an XVA for those who do not allow it to load the VMDK in XCP-NG, since Citrix does allow it well



After loading the XVA, changing the MAC, adding the HDD or SSD, verify that it is in E1000 and we start

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