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C2700 (Avoton/Rangeley) support


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Hey guys,


I am all new to XPEnology so forgive me if something has been explained already (while i did read a lot of threads there is not *the* beginners thread yet (or i didnt find it)).


So i am looking to replace my aging DS-508 and looked at quite a lot of options

-Build a ZFS based server with an i3 (ECC) or E3-1200v3 (for VT-D) or E5-1600 (for RDIMMS, >32GB) (Doable but likely high power req and definitely overkill)

-Buy a new DS-1813+ (Good, but i am not willing to shell out 800+bucks for *that* old hardware)

-Use XPEnology withe something between old low power Atom and (relatively) high Power E3-1200v3 -> Enter Avoton/Rangely.


So with the recent availability of the new Atoms i suppose that would be a good compromise - ServertheHome showed max power usage (load) at 30ish Watts (idle usage for an E3 solution) (+ drives o/c) so i am still at the same level as an 1813+ for way better performance.


So the question is - is Avoton (or Rangeley) already supported by XPenology?.

As the only available board atm is the supermicro one i would use that (http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Atom/X10/A1SRi-2758F.cfm, this is the Rangeley variant which is Avoton+ some extra stuff for network devices and costs about the same here.


So will this work out of the box ? Or am I looking at being a Guinea Pig;) (no dont have it ordered yet:p)

I assuem there needs to be the following:

Basic Chipset support (?)

SATA Drivers (?)

Network (Marvell Alaska 88E1543)


Now that particular boards has an additional feature - "1x SATA DOM power connector"

I read in some thread that its currently not possible to install DSM on a local disk since they all get initialized with the raid layout and the DOM which where on Synology devices was missing - could this be a solution to this problem ? There are different sized DOM's available on Ebay so given driver support it should be easy to use it ...


Edit: This is only a power connector :sad:


And primary difference Avoton -> Rangely:

Intel QuickAssist Technology -> Encryption support - does anyone know whether that is usefull at all?


I assume that AES-NI will be possible to run providing better performance for encrypted folders (which is horribly slow apparently even on those high end Syn' stations)?



If all else fails i probably could run it with ESX but with missing VT-D to pass on a SAS controller i guess i would be running it natively if its supported;)





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Just fyi - i cancelled my order due to delivery delay and went with an E3 instead. Another reason was the single PCIe slot that might cause issues (or imbue additional costs to get a hba with lot of ports). I hope that the E3 will not use too much power :/

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