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DVA3221 and license plates.



I'm running one of these, haven't installed the 1650 yet or even close. 

My question, concern is, by this device claiming to read license plates I really don't see much discussion on the cameras themselves needed to be able to do this feet. I have an average size driveway in a cul de sac, and though I have an ok high res camera, there's no way I can get the cam to pickup a license plate. 


I have a few reolink rlc 410s and a rlc 420 X264 over my garage that is specifically meant to record the street. 

I can't imagine in a million years this catching a license plate at night LET ALONE the daytime. 

Are we expected to purchase synology brand cameras to have the ability to read plates? Or purchase cams with certain zoom levels? 


it's almost as if, after everything I read, that it's all on the NVR and can't find much about the camera zoom or quality I need for LPR... 




Whats the minimum camera I need? 

How much zoom should it have? 

I simply want the ability to have a recording of a license plate in case I wake up the next morning and some schlep robbed my neighbors garage or something... so what's the deal? why no camera suggestions? 

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