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Hey everyone, I did have XPEnology a few years ago but took it down since the server did not have enough storage. I want to reinstall it now but was curious, can the software also install VMWare or another type of virtual server software like the better RS from Synology can?


Also, if thats possible, is there a way to have the quickconnect address yet for this? Or any other way I could login through a host name like quickconnect without using a VPN when not at home?



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It's possible to run Virtual Box on DSM 5.x but no chance on DSM 6 afaik. A quick search of the web should throw up some how to's and links to the package. The developer has stated that he can't develop a DSM 6 version without the source. DSM 6 has some nice new features so there's a choice to be made before committing unless VMs are vital. Most of the more popular packages seem to be working on DSM 6 but you should check the ones you need to be sure.


Using Quick Connect isn't recommended as it's an abuse of Synology's resources and reflects badly on Xpenology users. It's easy enough to use a third-party Ddns service to gain remote access. It's worth installing DDNS Updater 2 from the community packages because it's better than the built in DSM option. The main advantage is you can add multiple domains from the same provider. It has good provider support and some additional options.

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