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Did anyone reverse engineer Photo Station ?


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Hi Guys,

I really like the DS Photo app that automatically synchronizes my photos on my phone to my old synology NAS. I've build a new NAS that supports more than one disk since my Synology NAS only supports one disk.... Instead of installing DSM on my new NAS, I was wondering if anybody has tried to reverse engineer the Photo Station package so that the DS Photo APP can synchronize against a non DSM-running server ?


I tried a year ago using wireshark, but it turned out to be a quite cumbersome and it wasn't easy to figure out how it knows which photos has already been synchronized.

If anyone is interested, here is my code: https://github.com/Exchizz/SynologyPhotoServer


It's not working completely, but some things are working such as logging in and as far as I remember upload photos.


Has anyone ever done something like it that's working or does anyone know how the APP/package knows which photos has already been upload ?


Thanks in advance :>


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Plex is nice for streaming movies, but how does this relate to my question :> ?




Plex has a photo sync feature which pretty much "just works". You need to purchase the client (5$ one time) or pay for the subscription, though, to use it.

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