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AMD based DSM 7.2 Build / Test / Expectations / Problems / Help


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Hello Community.

The reason for this post is to share my personal experience so that this might help the community here, for noobs like me and for developers to help figure out some of the maybe most common questions and issues.

  1. My baremetal build is as follows:
    * AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (Using integrated GPU)
    * ASRock B550M Steel Legend
    * 32Gb DDR
    * NIC Realtek RTL8125BG (<-- Now I understand the importance of knowing your nic)
    * 1x 120gb SSD as boot drive
    * 3x 14TB HDD Seagate
  2. Loader:
    * I tried the following loaders without any success (For every single loader same results where faced, DS3622xs+ was chosen, latest build offered used (7.2 preferred), manage to assign a mac to the nic, built the loader, got the IP apparently with no issues detected by loader, but when i tried to login using the IP provided by loader never managed to login, neither was finds.synology.com was able to see my nas) Same is true for all loaders on the following list:
    a. ARC https://github.com/AuxXxilium/arc This was my favorite and #1 choice, but once I built the loader and got the IP, for some reason never manage to login into the server. 
    b. Automated Redpill Loader(i18n) https://github.com/wjz304/arpl-i18n (Failed)
    c. Automated Redpill Loader v1.1-beta2a https://github.com/fbelavenuto/arpl (Failed)
    d. Tinycore Redpill - very intimidating and no idea what to do. (Failed)
    e. If its not on the list I probably tried it. For 3 consecutive days and countless hours working with this trying to figure out how to do it, asking questions and not getting answers from experts (cannot blame since we do not live connected to the forum 24/7) and reading numerous topics here on the forum and reddit and nothing worked. I was going to gave up, I even installed Win 11 and was going to configure a raid and use it for media share which is my main focus, Photo Backup and runing EMBY Media Server and maybe an app for hosting my digital comics.

    f. ** The only Loader that worked and the one that I am running right now is PeterSuh Tinycore Redpill: https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill 
    Thanks to gericb to giving me advice and referring me to this loader.
    This loader did everything for me and even let me use my Nic and Mac. When IP was given by loader I managed to login to the Nas. I believe that it is an issue with the nic drivers.
  3. Issues with this loader and xpenology:
    a. My nic is 2.5 gigabits and Synology sees it as a 2.5 nic and so is my switch, but for some weird reason it wont go over 1 gigabit speed. Now this is a mayor letdown considering that I invested in the Switch to get better transfer speeds performance. 
    b. AME is not activated and there was no patch offered in the loader prior building it. For a noob this is very frustrating, trying to figure out how to do this now. More reading to find the right patch if any to do this without breaking the system. On top of that, not being a linux savy person, figuring out how to deploy code to get things done is not easy when you read about a possible solution and there is little to now explanation on how to do it step by step.
    c. Dont know if loader can be changed without losing whats inside of my pool.
  4. A different scenario is to simply install custom Windows and use it as media server and get an app similar to Synology photos for windows and android. This is a dumb free solution, I will have all codecs needed, will get the internal GPU working for transcoding when needed and requires little to no expertise to create.
  5. I will add more info here, but for now these are my preliminary observations. This is all fun until it stops being fun and you cant figure out the mystery and specially when the wife keeps asking me why am i spending this many hours in my PC 🤣


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