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Install DSM on top of debian installation?

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I googled but can't find anything..

So for context, I'm using this awesome AIO kiosk machine Asus v161 (Intel n4020) as home assistant dashboard + server.

It's currently running proxmox (for home assistant VM) on top of debian. And the debian installation is used for running browser for HA dashboard.

Then I tried installing DSM as proxmox VM so that i can use surveillance station.

However at 2 cores + 4 GB memory playback and recording is too slow on DS CAM android, and this is only over local wifi, can't imagine over WAN.

CPU is not even maxed out, only hovers around 40-60%, and neither is the memory
I have lowered the live and mobile view to "low bandwidth" but it didn't make much difference.

I am wondering if it's because it cannot use quicksync? But IGPU passthru isn't an option to me since I'm using the display for Home assistant dashboard.


Now I wouldn't mind installing DSM as barebone to get quicksync working, but i will need to install debian on top of DSM so that I can use the display for home assistant. I haven't been able to find any guides to do this, the only one I found is for ARM version of DSM



is there any similar guide for DSM xpenology instead? Or is it even doable?

At the very least I only need the to display a browser page for HA actually, if that's doable i wouldnt' mind as well

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