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DSM Webinterface White screen of death - DSM 6.0 in Hyper-V


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I've been succesfully running DSM 6.0 in Hyper V for about a year now. 

I set it up according to this Tutorial and added my 3 Hard drives for the Synology as physical drives in Hyper V.

Since a couple of weeks I could no longer access the webinterface as it just shows up as a blank white screen in the browser. I didnt really mind though since the SMB share was still working as usual. Due to an update/reboot of my Host system (Windows Server) I had to shut down the Xpenology machine without shutting it down properly through the webinterface.


Since booting it again the SMB share is not running anymore and I can't access the webinterface to check whats up. I have since set up an entirely new Virtual Machine and the setup works fine and I can access the webinterface, but as soon as I add in my 3 Data drives to the new Virtual Machine in Hyper-V it seems to Overwrite the entire set up and revert to the last configuration which I had, also adding back in the white screen of death.


Does anyone know how to tackle this issue?

I still have Data that I would like to keep on those drives.

BTW I can access the mobile webinterface with my phone but none of the features work and it shows almost no information about the System. If I switch to the Desktop site it shows up as blank again.



I tried out what happens when I only add one of the 3 drives (they were run as a RAID in Synology) If I do that it still loads the last configuration but I do not get the white screen of death and can access the desktop webinterface, however it is absolutely useless as just like on the mobile page I get an error for trying to do basically anything. Also as soon as I remove the drive the Synology goes back to the new configuration that I made. So it seems clear that my drives somehow overwrite the configuration or possibly the entire Synology OS. How can I prevent my drives from overwriting my configuration? I never knew there was configuration or OS data stored on there, always thought it was just data.





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