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DVA1622 - make local display work at 4K

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Simple tweak but didn't see it mentioned on the forums.   The DVA1622 ships with its local display output set to 1920x1080@60.  You can tweak the config file and make it come up to 4K - assuming you are connecting to a 4K monitor.   Depending on your monitor and host hardware, you might get 4K@60 working (rather than @30) - its working for me with a DVA1622 based off an HP ProDesk (Intel 630) but of course my monitor supports 4K60.


My CPU still only 12% with monitor centre open and an AI task running, quite impressed.  Dunno why they don't ship with 4K enabled out of the box - text and high res camera images look much crisper and can't see a reason not to use it if monitor is 4K.


Note after you test it and it works there is also a .defaults version of the conf file you should update so this is persistent.



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Just an update - I noticed if you use a box with Intel UHD 630 iGPU, the local display output sometimes looks bleached out, way too high contrast.  There seems to be some bug in the 630 monitor negotiation resulting in a weird profile or gamma.  I have found a workaround though which get's the image back to normal - set a more precise refresh rate, so in my example above where I had 60hz (@60), if I use 59.94 instead the profile/gamma returns to normal.  Examples would be 1920x1080@59.94 or 3840x2160@59.94.  4K60 looks sweet in SS.



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