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How To: Remap SATA Ports (ARPL) - So that your drives are shown in the proper order in DSM

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I was in the process of upgrading my DSM 6.2 NAS with 2 TB drives to DSM 7.1 using 16 TB drives.


I figured that my SAS card was not compatible with drives that size and I needed to have 12 ports.  I also learned that DSM 6 was not capable of properly handling large drives.


I got me one of these:




It was plug and play.  It was immediately recognized by my system and ARPL.  However, I noticed a problem with it.




ARPL reported the 12 ports not contiguously used.  It reported ports 1-4, and 17-24 as the ports assigned to the actual physical ports.




I am a bit anal with things like this.  I need the ports in the DSM Interface to match the actual ports of my drives in case I need to replace them.

I even noticed that some of the assigned ports didn't even follow the proper order.  I would have expected all the ports to be contiguous using the sequential numbers.


So here's how I fixed it:


Step 1. Identify which SATA port is mapped to which physical port


1. I plugged a drive to every physical port

2. I made a list of all the Serial Numbers of each disk and their physical location

3. Loaded DSM and checked in the Storage Manager > HDDs to identify the port actually assigned to each disk


I ended up with the following list:


1 1
2 2
3 3
4 8
5 4
6 5
7 6
8 7
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12


This helped me identify which ports I needed to switch in order for it to be shown contiguously with the proper numbers that correspond to the actual physical ports.


Step 2. Rebuild the ARPL loader


1. I restarted the NAS and made sure to use the option to make changes to the loader

2. Went into the Command Line options by following this:


3. Added the following as the sata_remap command line option:


sata_remap: 16>3:17>4:18>5:19>6:3>7:20>8:21>9:22>10:23>11

This translates to:


Make port 16 be port 3.  Make port 17 be port 4.  Make port 18 be port 5.  Make port 19 be port 6.  Make port 3 be port 7.  Make port 20 be port 8.  Make port 21 be port 9.  Make port 22 be port 10.  Make port 23 be port 11.



NOTE THAT: The SATA ports are given values that start at 0.  So, if I had 24 ports, it actually meant ports values were 0-23.


That means that 16>3 is actually changing the DSM reported Drive 17 to be the Drive 4.



4. Built the loader

5. Booted the loader


Step 3. Confirm Changes


After booting, I checked the reported drives and their serials and that they matched the order in which the physical ports were put.




Hope you find this useful.

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