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Where to find pat file under dsm 6.2.4



I need the pat file for dsm918+ version 6.2.3 update 3 , as always i went to synology download center but just from today 2023/06/01 they decided to eliminate everything under 6.2.4, anyone know where i can find the file i'm searching for? i'm trying to rescue a raid 5 array and absolutely need this specific version of dsm

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Perfect. Thank you. Official you're my hero now😁


I'm also looking for the SS.spk. Synology also removed the last one for the 918+.pat Do you have that one too?


Should be 8.2.8-6335


All other .spk I was able to collect from the internet. Most of them from Synology directly.

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If you are bit patience I will put a link for download.


Actually I'm sorting my old backups and prepare for a bigger harddisk.


So right know I'm moving and copying a lot of data.


As soon as I'm back working on my backups I can upload and provide a link.


But for now not before new year.



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On 12/20/2023 at 8:18 AM, Rudi83 said:


maybe someone can help me...

Im also trying to find the 6.2.3.PAT File. But for 3615xs. Could someone give me a working download link please?

Thanks a lot in forward.

only have DSM_DS3615xs_15284 pat file, i think it's 6.1.7. I doubt it will help you but just say so if it does

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