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Recovering from hard drive crash


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I have DSM 6.2.3 U3 running on Jun's bootloader on ESXi 7.0 U3 with hard drives passed through using RDM. One of them reported as crashed earlier today. Fortunately, I have a backup but would like to get this server up and running again.


I tried deleting the storage pool in DSM and re-adding it but it still shows crashed. I looked at the drive using ESXI SMART and got this:

Parameter                          Value  Threshold  Worst  Raw
---------------------------------  -----  ---------  -----  ---
Health Status                      OK     N/A        N/A    N/A
Write Error Count                  0      0          N/A    0
Read Error Count                   251    51         N/A    251
Power-on Hours                     34     0          34     130
Power Cycle Count                  52     0          N/A    52
Reallocated Sector Count           0      140        N/A    0
Drive Temperature                  32     0          N/A    32
Sector Reallocation Event Count    0      0          N/A    0
Pending Sector Reallocation Count  2      0          N/A    2
Uncorrectable Sector Count         0      0          N/A    0

Does the combination of the read error count and the pending sector reallocation count explain why DSM cannot use this hard drive?


Anything else to try before I get and install a new hard drive?


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