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Native instalation on SDCard on a HP Microserver Gen8


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Hello to all,

I just bought a HPE ProLiant MicroServer Generation 8 (Gen8) to build my own NAS. I am a PC power user and I manage to navigate in tech world but in what concerns servers and Linux I am a total noob.

So, I want to install XPEnology on the SD card not on one of the HDD mounted on, so I will be able to remove any of the HDD anytime, do you think is possible? I saw that under iLO remote console I have the possibility to mount virtual drives, so I can mount there the image and launch the install process on the SDCard

If it is possible, can you refer a step by step tutorial so a noob like me will get it right?


the specs for my server are here: https://www.hpe.com/h20195/v2/GetDocume ... c=us&lc=en


Thanks a lot for your support.

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AFAIK when using DSM, every installed hard drive will become a "system drive", holding a system partition. Changes to the system will be mirrored on all hard disks. So you can remove any hard disk at any time and still be able to boot the DSM (though depending on your RAID configuration, you might still lose your data, e.g. if you remove two disks from a RAID5 array).

So as long as you don't remove all disks at once, your system will remain bootable. This should eliminate the need for a separate "system drive" for almost all use cases. Besides that, I haven't seen anyone installing DSM to a dedicated "system drive" yet, so I don't think it is even possible. But I may be wrong with that since I have started using DSM myself only a few weeks ago.

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