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Dell T620 with VMware 6.5 and extra H310 passthru


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I plan to install vmware 6.5 on my new T620. I will use the built-in H310 Perc with original Dell fw for ESXi on that server. But I also want to add an additional H310 into it and will configure passthru to the XPEnology with 8x6TB drives.


The question is, can this be working?


I search for an alternative for my DS 1815+ because it have the C2000 Atom bug and I am not sure when it fails.


I also saw that everybody upgrade the H310 to IT firmware but I don't know which version (19 or 20) is the best for this configuration.


Can somebody told me the best way to do this?


Thanks in advance



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After a long way my NAS is running with 6.0.2 Update 9. Including LSI passthru. Now I will make some test. Have anybody saw that synology have 6.1 out? Not over update but over synology web site. Try to install this but it fail. Running into error [7]. TTY shows always that there is an older version at HDD available und try to recover. No chance to bring it online.

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