Synology Cloud Sync to work with Backblaze's B2?

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I installed XPEnology on an HP N40L Microserver using the guide at ... n-hp-n40l/


I'd like to try B2 storage from Backblaze. (It's 10GB free, or $.005 / GB, or $5 / TB, per month) To use it you need to use the Cloud Sync package. I installed the one from the package manager but I think it's an older version without the support.


I tried to download the latest package from Synology, ... d/DS3615xs But when doing a manual install it says "This package is not supported on the platform of DiskStation".


When trying to download software from their website should I indicate that I have a 12 bay DS3615xs? That's what I did. Maybe the latest Cloud Sync package needs DSM 6.x, but I couldn't tell.

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