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problem with esata connection


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Hi, I have a nas with an asus h87i-plus mini-itx board

Has 6sata and I put a controller lsi sas3041e of 4 sata

I have it mounted on a silverstone box DS380, 8 discs

I recently updated to version 6.0 and everything is correct


The problem I have is that I needed to have more discs, I chose to buy

The sharkoon external disk box 5, with esata and usb connection


Remove the controller lsi and put a controller of startech pexesata2, 2 external pciex ports esata

I connected the cable, and I configured in non-raid mode the rear switch configuration box

External. I put 5 sata disks in the sharkoon box


I start the nas, it detects the six discs that I have in the nas, and only one more appears

Corresponding to the first disc of the box sharkoon, the other four do not appear

For any place, how do I have them detected?

I have tried everything and there is no way, I have seen some information about modifying the ports in the grub.cfg configuration file, but I do not have it clear

thanks for the help

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