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System failed to create [RAID Group 1]


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Just created a VM in vmware workstation for testing xpenology (with the idea of moving to ESXi if test is ok):

- hw type: workstation 11.x (esxi compatible)

- sata disk: synoboot.vmdk (DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01)

- sata disk 2: new disk (8gb)

- serial port: named pipe (only to have a look to console)


With former config, I can boot xpenology and do basic install (DSM_DS3615xs_8451.pat) / config. I had to use option 1 from Jun's menu (yes, baremetal even being a vm!!); if esxi option is used, DSM doesn´t detect any disk and it's impossible to proceed with DSM install).


Upon having a basic install, I shutdown VM.


Then I added virtual hw:

- sata disk 3: new disk (2gb)

- sata disk 4: new disk (2gb)

- sata disk 5: new disk (2gb)


The problem is that I cannot init any of those 3 disks in storage manager. In particular, if I try to create a RAID group, I get this error:

"System failed to create [RAID Group 1](Device Type is [basic]) with disk [5]."

I also noticed that, during former raid creation process, DSM is showing a wrong capacity (tons of TBs instead of 2 gb capacity).

I tried all kinds of different RAIDs (5, etc) but the problem is with those 3 disks, which btw are similar to disk2 (8gb) I created for testing (same kind of virtual sata device).


I only can create a RAID group using disk2 (which is where DSM resides, and was init during DSM installation).


Any ideas? What's going on?


I'd appreciate some help, please,




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