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Multiple Xpenology ESXi Instances - Not getting fresh IP

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Hey Guys, I am pretty new to esxi but I got Jun's loader working with a single instance on esxi. Unfortunately, when I go to create another VM, the synology assistant won't find it. When I turn off VM1 and start up VM2, VM2 magically becomes available (on the same IP that VM1 previously possessed).


It seems like the VM isn't getting a fresh IP from VMWare. This may be an esxi-specific problem, but I was hoping someone here could help me out. Thanks.

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Jun's loader uses a hard wired mac address by default.


To operate more than one ESXi instance you need to modify the grub.cfg and replace OR even better remove the hard wired mac address.


Using the same mac address in the same network confuse switches/bridges, regardless weather they are bare metal or virtual devices.

The problem takes place on the data link layer, way before TCP or IP kicks in.


After modifiying grub.cfg, make sure to clean the arp cache on your client devices, your router, swith and so on.


In Windows you can clean the cache by opening a cmd shell with admin permissions and entering 'arp -d'

The other devices can be switched off/on again. Or you simple wait until their cache expires.

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