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I update Plex media server on my NAS and TV don't connect correctly.

I have tried a very old version and it works correctly. ¿Where can I download other version? I think version 1.3.2 work but I don't know where can I download it.

What version of Xpenology?


My Plex works fine.

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Plex 1.3.x introduced a feature called "Limit remote stream bitrate". You can find it in settings -> remote access.

I am pretty confident that's what causing your problem.


There are several solutions for the problem:

1. disable the remote stream bitrate limit again (settings -> remote access)

2. make sure client/server are considered as beeing local to each other - thus, bypassing the limit (network -> LAN network)

- The required format looks like:,

3. update your tv client to a version that supports the new "limit" feature.

- If the bitrate of a media file exeeds the remote limit, transcoding kicks in and the media is played anyway.


Either one of the solutions should work arround your problem, though, I would recommend to apply #2 and #3 for final solution :wink:

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